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Interventional Decentralized Telemonitoring

Telemedicine comprises different concepts aiming to close a spatial distance between practitioner, medical staff and patient. Its functionality can include mere data transmission but extend as well to triggering alarms or enable consultation and therapy suggestions. A special form of telemedicinal application is interventional decentralized telemonitoring. Here practitioner-patient communication is characterized by telemedicinal data collection driven therapy-control and -optimization. To identify feasible indications for the employment of telemonitoring a detailed definition of communicated parameters, alarm rules and algorithms of intervention are required as well as a benefit-cost analysis.

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copyright by Prof. Dr. med. Martin Middeke

  • Internet based BP Monitoring
  • is easy and convenient accessible
  • anywhere at any time
  • high data quality
  • good documentation (statistics, graphs)
  • frequent measurements in the familiar setting of the patient
  • reducing white coat or masked hypertension
  • increases compliance
  • improves guidance of antihypertensive medication
  • prompting more timely action to elevated BP
  • time sparing
  • Improvement of the patient-doctor relationship

Study Centres

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Prof. Dr. Middeke

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Middeke
Principal Investigator of EUSTAR
Hypertension Center Munich
Dienerstraße 12 · 80331 München

Dr. Egbert Schulz

Dr. med. Egbert G. Schulz
President - BRAVE
Center of Nephrology Goettingen (CNG)
internal medicine - nephrology - dialysis - apheresis
An der Lutter 24 · 37075 Göttingen
Email info[at]nz-goe.de

Prof. Dr. Schmieder

Prof. Dr. med. Roland Schmieder
vice-president of the European society of Hypertension
president of IPM - Institute for Preventive Medicin Erlangen
Universitätsklinik Erlangen, Med. Klinik 4, Nephrologie/Hypertensiologie
Ulmenweg 18, 91054 Erlangen, Germany
E-Mail: roland.schmieder[at]uk-erlangen.de

Prof. Dr. Jelakovic

Prof. Dr. Bojan Jelaković (Croatia)
Chairman of the ESH Hypertension Excellence Centers
President of the Croatian Society of Hypertension
Department of Nephrology and Arterial Hypertension
Assoc. Prof. - President
Univ. Hospital Center Rebro
Kišpatićeva 12
10 000 Zagreb
Email jelakovicbojan[at]gmail.com

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