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NMR based lipoprotein analysis for patients with advanced hypercholesterolemia or Lp(a)-hypercholesterolemia undergoing chronic lipoprotein apheresis or PCSK9-inhibitor therapy

The standard lipid parameters, comprising total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol and triglycerides, are useful for risk assessment of cardio vascular diseases (CVD), including atherosclerosis and its manifestations, such as coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke and peripheral arterial occlusion disease (PAOD) [1,2].

Lipoprotein sub-fractions (Cholesterol sub-fractions, particle concentrations, particle size) are widely established as new risk factors for CVD [3]. A number of new studies showed, that LDL particle concentrations, small LDL sub-fractions in particular, are positively associated with the risk of occurrence of CVD [3], while large HDL particles on the other hand, seem to inherit protective properties. However, due to inconsistent study results, the latter statement needs to be investigated further [4,5].

Significantly elevated concentrations of small LDL were observed in patients with very high risk of CVD, e.g. with coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus type 2, as well as in patients with clinical forms of non-coronary atherosclerosis [6].

There are indications that secondary prevention in patients with small LDL is most beneficial for slowing of CVD progression [7,8]. Results suggesting that shifts in LDL sub-fractions correlate with improvements in secondary prevention of CVD require further research and shall be investigated in the above stated collectives, now [8].

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PD Dr. Volker Schettler

PD Dr. med. Volker Schettler
senior investigator
internal medicine, nephrology, lipodology
Center of Nephrology Goettingen GbR (CNG)
internal medicine - nephrology - dialysis - apheresis
An der Lutter 24 · 37075 Göttingen
Email v.schettler[at]nz-goe.de

Dr. Claas Lennart Neumann

Dr. med. Claas Lennart Neumann
internal medicine, lipodology

Florian Muellendorff

Florian Müllendorff
internal medicine

Dr. Christina Platzer

Dr. med. Christina Platzer
laboratory medicine, additional designation hemostaseology, lipodology
amedes MVZ Trägergesellschaft Göttingen mbH
Werner-v.-Siemens-Straße 8-10
37077 Göttingen