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pulse wave analysis during hemo-dialysis

Hemodialysis volume control based on arterial stiffness and central hemodynamics:
Non invasive pulse wave analysis and central hemodynamics during hemodialysis

The vascular structure of patients with end-stage renal failure undergoing chronic haemodialytic treatment differs from the structure of other hypertensive individuals due to hyperparathyroidism, calcium and volume overload, severe hypertension, uraemia and renal anaemia. The often required high ultrafiltration rate caused by the increased interdialytic weight gain is associated with haemodynamic events such as symptomatic hypotension, cramp and also higher mortality compared to patients with well controlled fluid intake. A more detailed monitoring of haemodynamic parameters during the haemodialysis session may provide an individual and more adequate hemodialysis regimen especially at respect to the ultrafiltration rate.

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Dr. Egbert Schulz

Dr. med. Egbert G. Schulz
head of study
president - BRAVE
Center of Nephrology Goettingen GbR (CNG)
internal medicine - nephrology - dialysis - apheresis
An der Lutter 24 · 37075 Göttingen
Email info[at]nz-goe.de

Dr. Claas Lennart Neumann

Dr. med. Claas Lennart Neumann
senior investigator
internal medicine, lipodology

Nele Henning

Nele Henning